Project Description:

How do good horses end up in bad situations?  The Equine Outsomes Survey (EOS) will trace and analyze the ownership chain of the “average” horse.  


Equine rescue efforts usually focus on saving horses that are already bound for slaughter or have been abused.  It would be immensely helpful to prevent beloved pets from ever having ended up in such situations in the first place.  There is some data already available on why horses end up for sale – but no concrete analysis of possible prevention methods.


Gather and share actionable data to support equine welfare by preventing bad sales.

Project Status

More Details:

Primary causative factors for changes in ownership have been identified in past surveys, but there is no rigorously researched data on how those sales could have been avoided.  The EOS will expand on past surveys to examine implications, and identify earlier intervention points.  We will also asses the cost and feasibility of implementing such interventions.

The survey will be hosted online on its own dedicated website. It’s user-friendly design will encourage a high response rate as well as providing several benefits to Mobius Path Inc.