Emmy's Timeline

  • May 31 2016 – an unaffiliated NY “rescue” purchased Emmy and a few other ponies (including a stallion) from the Stanley brothers in Bastrop, LA.
  • June and July 2016 – Emmy was quarantined and boarded with the rest of her group.  Möbius Path doesn’t have any information about the location, but this is most likely when she ended up pregnant.
  • August 2016 – Emmy and her group were moved to a farm in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  Möbius Path doesn’t have much information about this location, but as of the last updates we were aware of in 2017, the owner is facing charges of animal cruelty after she starved and neglected the horses in her care.
  • November 2016 – Emmy was moved to the main NY location of the previously mentioned “rescue” group.
  • January 2017 – Emmy was emaciated with a body score around “2”.  She was still completely feral and wouldn’t let anyone near her.  I (Luca) started working with her.
  • February 2017 – I insisted that Emmy’s hay diet be supplemented with grain, and paid the “rescue”  for the additional feed.
  •  March 2017 – Emmy started to look a bit round.  I thought she may be pregnant, but the “rescue” which still owned her at the time thought that she was getting fat, and I was told to stop providing her with extra feed.
  • March 23 2017 – Möbius Path Inc. was incorporated
  • April 3 2017 – Möbius Path Inc. adopted Emmy.
  • May 19 2017 – Emmy gave birth to Athena, a healthy little filly!
  • August 2018 – Möbius Path Inc. found a permanent location in Owego NY, and Emmy and Athena moved into their perfect new forever home at our 16 acre sanctuary!
Emmy in January 2017
Emmy in February 2017
Emmy in March 2017
Emmy in April 2017
Emmy and her new Filly! May 2017
Athena in August 2017