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Horses are shipped to slaughter every year
Mustangs in holding facilities are at risk

Möbius Path Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational animal sanctuary. 
Our mission in to teach empathy towards animals and respect towards nature.

Möbius Path started because of one pony.  She is a constant source of inspiration, and we consider ourselves lucky to be her forever home.

Currently Operating Off-Site

We cannot take in every unwanted horse, but we find other ways to help.  Our equine rehoming assistance service helps horses find good homes without the perils of auctions.

Planned Launch Date: September 2018

Fun monthly activities for children, designed to encourage empathy towards animals and healthy social-emotional development. 

Planned Launch: October 2018

A research project to identify early intervention opportunities to prevent horses from ending up in bad situations, and maximize positive outcomes.

Planned Launch Date: January 2019

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